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The Family Child Care Network (FCCN) offers specialized programs for infants, toddlers, and 3-K children in the comforting environment of licensed and qualified home-based child care providers. These programs cater to mixed-age groups, encompassing children from birth to twelve years old.

Aligned with the standards set by center-based and district school 3-K programs, the FCCN programs operate under the supervision of the Department of Education and a Family Child Care Network organization. This partnership ensures that providers receive essential instructional resources, coaching, and comprehensive family support.

Enrolling children in Family Child Care homes offers several unique advantages for families:

Benefits of Family Childcare

Our Family Child Care Network is contracted by the Department of Education to provide additional support service to eligible families in Brooklyn, and Queens.

Our Family Child Care Network is contracted by the Department of Education to provide additional support service to eligible families in Brooklyn, and Queens. Our Network will assist parents in finding quality family childcare that meets their family’s individual needs. 

Our Network provides families with educational and developmental information to help parents understand the different stages of child development. The Network hosts family engagement activities to engage families into their child’s learning process, provides individual care per family, and connects parents to community resources. 

Licensed home-based providers who have many years of experience in a family child care setting
Team of staff connecting providers and families to meet their child’s needs
Providing high-quality educational curriculum meeting the standards of Department of Education
Connecting families to providers who meet the language and proximity needs of the families
Provider who ensures the children’s health, safety, and nutritional needs are met 

How to Apply Subsidized Child Care

Contact the FCC Network Family Worker to assist you with applying for subsidized child care. The Family Worker will assist the family in completing the subsidy child care application, follow up on the case status and provide family with child care resource information. 

Child Care Assistance Application
Child Care Assistance Submission Checklist
3K In-District Application

Enrollment to CPC FCC Network Providers

Providers who are interested in joining our Network to maintain and provide high quality childcare to families, please contact us at: 

Email:  enrollment@psfamilynyc.org

Other Family Services.

At PS Family, we strive to provide an environment that nurtures growth and fosters a lifelong love for learning among children.

Teaching Strategies-Goal (TSG)

TSG is a classroom tool to document authentic assessments and support educators with their teaching practices. Such tools include but are not limited to curricular planning linked to assessment data and tools that allow educators to add documentation for authentic assessments and view them in report form and share with families.

Professional Learning

PS Family Child Care Network (FCCN) Education Team facilitates eight Professional Learning (PL) Sessions every academic year. The PLs are offered in two languages: English and Spanish. Four of the eight PLs are content provided by DOE to be turnkeyed to affiliated providers. The CPC-FCCN Education Team develops the remaining four PLs, and it varies depending on the needs of the affiliated providers.

Coaching Visits

At Ps Family, our FCCN Education Team conducts two monthly coaching visits to affiliated providers’ programs. During the coaching visits, an Education Specialist would support affiliated providers by providing instructional support to help providers plan and implement Let’s Play! and ensure that affiliated providers’ practice are aligned with the Family Child Care Early Childhood Framework for Quality.

Technical Assistance

ECLW – FCC Network provides technical assistance to licensed/registered family and group family child care providers. Services include:  Assisting providers in maintaining and promoting high-quality programs based on state and city agency regulations Providing family resource information for providers and the families they serve Providing high-quality training opportunities for child care providers and their staff
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