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How to Open a
Childcare Program

A Family Child Care (FCC) also referred to as Group Family Child Care (GFCC) provider is a registered professional who operates an independent childcare service from their own home.


These services cater to children ranging from birth to 12 years old. An FCC/GFCC provider not only ensures safety and care but also comprehends the critical role of delivering high-quality early childhood education, particularly during a child’s pivotal first three years.

Considering launching a Family Child Care program within your home setting? Your journey begins with scheduling an appointment to speak with a Family Child Care specialist at PS Family.

We provide valuable insights and guidance to shape your vision into a nurturing reality.

How to Start a Family Child Care Program in the Home

In this free two hour class, information is provided on the re-quirements of the entire registration/licensing process, such as:
  1. Fingerprinting
  2. 15-hour Health and Safety Training class
  3. Child abuse background check
  4. Avoiding common application mistakes
  5. Initial home safety inspection

Orientation on How to Start a Family Child Care Business” workshops are available. For more information and to register, Please call Ms. Yanery Lopez at (917)442-3470 or Yanery@PSfamilyNYC.org


Must be at least 18 years of age
Live in a home or apartment that is safe for children
Must have two exits in the home
Be in good character and in good physical and mental health
You and anyone 18 or older that lives with you must be screened by the Statewide Central Register Clearance of Child Abuse and Maltreatment for any indicated report of child abuse and maltreatment
Demonstrate basic competency in health and safety procedures
Must have valid First Aid and CPR certificates
Have a minimum of 2 years experience caring for children under 6 years of age (including raising your own kids) or 1 year experience caring for children under 6 years of age plus six hours of training or education in early childhood development
You and anyone 18 or older that lives with you must be fingerprinted for criminal history check

The Application Process

Fill out the Initial Family Day Care Application and submit the completed application to New York City Dept. of Health for review.
Once Dept. of Health receives your application, a worker will be assigned to review your application and mail you the necessary correspondence.
In the meantime, you can begin preparing your home for Family Day Care by applying for the Start-up Grant. Through the grant, prospective family day care provider can receive $500 in health and safety equipment to help their homes meet the safety requirements. You can contact PS Family NYC (718) 701.1707 for a Start-up Grant Application.
Applicant and his/her family members 18 years old or older must go to an authorized location to get fingerprinted.
While your application is being reviewed at the Dept. of Health, a home safety inspector will be assigned to inspect your home to ensure safety standards.
Take the 15 hours Health and Safety Training with a certified instructor. It is a competency based training which means you must successfully pass all the tests required of the training to receive a training completion certificate.
Pass First Aid and CPR trainings and obtain valid certificates.
Congratulations! Finally, Dept. of Health determines that you meet all health and safety regulations pertaining to family day care, you will be issued with a Family Day Care Registration Certificate.
You are now ready to begin your business!