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PS Family Conducts the 5th ‘Excellent’ Professional Learning Day

At PS FamilyNYC, we are committed to nurturing the growth and development of childcare providers, recognizing their vital role in shaping the future of our children. On September 5th and 6th, we proudly hosted our 5th 'Excellent' Professional Learning Day for Family Child Care providers, and it was an event filled with inspiration, education, and collaboration.

The heart of any community lies in its dedicated members, and we were privileged to host 80 passionate Family Child Care providers from diverse backgrounds. These providers came together with a common purpose – to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles and provide exceptional care for the children they serve.

The core of our event was a series of workshops meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and needs of Family Child Care providers. Here are the key insights from these workshops:

  1. How to Promote your Daycare Business: Providers discovered the art of creating a strong brand presence and effectively marketing their daycare services. In a competitive environment, these skills are essential for attracting more families and expanding reach.

  2. Positive Reinforcement in Early Childhood Settings: Mastering positive reinforcement techniques is fundamental to fostering children’s learning, growth, and emotional well-being. This workshop offered valuable strategies for creating a nurturing and growth-focused environment.

  3. How to Make your Business Profitable: Managing the financial aspects of a daycare business can be challenging. In this workshop, providers learned proven strategies to optimize operations and ensure long-term profitability, securing the success of their businesses.

  4. Refrain from The Restraint: The Use of Restrictive Devices: The use of restrictive devices in childcare is a critical topic. This workshop explored alternative approaches to promoting safe and respectful childcare, prioritizing the well-being of the children in their care.

A standout moment of the event was the opportunity for affiliated providers to share their personal stories and experiences. We deeply value their professionalism and their unwavering commitment to ongoing growth and learning as Family Child Care Providers. These stories served as a powerful source of inspiration, showcasing the transformative potential of dedication and continued education in the childcare field.

The 5th ‘Excellent’ Professional Learning Day was an outstanding success, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our providers. We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the next PS Family ‘Excellent’ Professional Learning Day on [Insert Date]. This is your chance to further enhance your skills, connect with fellow childcare providers, and continue your journey of excellence in childcare.