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Family Childcare Orientation

At PS Family NYC, we are committed to ensuring that the transition to our childcare program is not just smooth but also an exciting chapter in your child's life. Our orientation process is designed to build connections, provide insights, and lay the foundation for a joyful and enriching childcare experience.

The first week of childcare is a whirlwind of emotions for parents. It’s a mix of excitement, a touch of anxiety, and a plethora of questions.

At PS Family NYC, our dedicated Education Team are here to ensure that your child’s transition to our childcare program is not only smooth but also filled with enthusiasm and anticipation.

During these orientation visits, our Education Leader is available to engage in one-on-one discussions with each family. These conversations offer the perfect opportunity to delve into your child’s current interests, goals, and daily routine.


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Homebased Care

We offer high quality home-based child care

Childcare Voucher

We do not offer a voucher

Childcare Subsidy

We offer affordable child care based on your income (subsidy)

Sofcare for Child Care Providers

Sofcare is a software solution designed to streamline financial management and administrative tasks for child care providers. Here’s an overview of how it works:

Childcare providers often use sofcare childcare management software to streamline administrative tasks. These systems can help with attendance tracking, enrollment management, billing, and parent communication.

To manage the scheduling of staff, children, and activities, childcare providers may use scheduling software or calendar apps. This helps ensure that there is adequate staff coverage and that children are engaged in appropriate activities.

Email, messaging apps, and parent portals are used for effective communication with parents. Providers can share updates, photos, and important information about children’s activities and development.

Some childcare providers use educational software or apps that are designed to support early childhood development. These tools can provide interactive learning experiences and track children’s progress.

Security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control software, may be used to ensure the safety of children and staff.

Accounting and financial management software can assist with managing expenses, invoicing, payroll, and budgeting.

Childcare providers are often required to maintain health and medical records for children in their care. Specialized software can help manage and securely store this information.

Software may be used to track and ensure compliance with local and state licensing regulations, including staff training and certification requirements.

Childcare providers need to have emergency response plans in place. Some use software to create and manage these plans, as well as to track emergency drills and procedures.

Some providers use software platforms to engage parents more effectively, including sending newsletters, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, and sharing educational resources.


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