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Heily Fernandez | Dolphin Day Care

Heily Fernandez of Dolphin Day Care 1301 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221 dolphinfgd@gmail.com | 347-985-0046 21f1925c-f25a-4f92-bde9-a3d2a5595093.jpg 9141b3e6-a6d6-4a47-89ae-eb7ab6d6f0af.jpgDolphin-Daycare15 copy.pngProvider-Spotlight-1080x1080-Dolphin-Daycare-kids1.png How long has your business been open?

9 years

What inspired you to open a daycare? We were inspired to start our own program because we loved working with children since we were young. We knew that we had so much to offer children so we decided to open the program. After many years working with children we realized that we were getting so much more of what we were offering. Those children come to our lives and with their innocence and love teach us so much more than we teach them.

What is one of your favorite activities to do with children? Interacting with children during Circle Time and see how over time they start development and improve their communication skills that experience is very satisfying to us.

What advice would you give someone opening a daycare? Opening a childcare program is very satisfying experience, but it is also very challenging and besides loving the company of children you must also learn to have a lot of patience. It is important to understand that children learn not just by playing, but also but repeating and following daily routines. Preparing and following a daily schedule and plan is essential if you want a successful program. It is also essential to provide an environment that engages children with developmentally-appropriate activities and materials

What Covid-19 safety precautions is your business taking? Currently we are doing daily health and temperature check. We do tons of hand washing and toy cleaning during the day. We also use face masks and PPE equipment. Also, we use tracking forms during the day to record the times in which we clean those areas, so that way, we do never forget.

What is your favorite children’s book? The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle

What is your favorite song to sing with kids? The Wheels on The Bus!

Do you have a favorite animal? Guinea Pigs