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Pre-K enrollment is Coming Up in New York City!

As the 3-K enrollment date approaches, PS Family understands how important it is to present your preschool program as a place families can trust to nourish their children socially, emotionally, and intellectually. To establish a strong foundation for a child's successful future, selecting the best school is imperative.

Things to Look for when choosing a Preschool for your young child.

Are you wondering how to choose the right childcare program for your child?

We understand your concerns about entrusting your little one's care to others. In this comprehensive guide, we provide insights and questions to help you assess the quality of a childcare program for children from 3 to 5.

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Here's how to prepare for 3-K enrollment and how to show quality in your school: 

Highlight teaching quality: 

Showcase the educational value behind play activities like building with blocks or exploring colors, emphasizing your teachers’ ability to explain the importance of these activities, and other activities practiced in your program’s classrooms, to parents. 

Optimize the classroom environment: 

Ensure a safe and engaging space for learning by having an open floor plan, low shelves, suitable furniture, and visible bathroom facilities. 

Focus on student performance: 

Communicate your curriculum in an easily digestible way, emphasizing teachers’ attention to detail and parents’ confidence in their child’s education. 

Demonstrate positive interactions: 

Showcase how teachers engage with students during tours, emphasizing effective communication, patience, and a nurturing approach. 

Prepare your school for parent tours with these strategies, and for further insights into what parents seek when visiting schools, consider exploring the PS Family Photobook, which delves deeper into what parents are looking for when deciding to enroll their child in a school.