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Juliet Kagan Buzzing Scholars LLC

Hello my name is Juliet Rose Kagan and I have been a OCFS childcare provider since 2010. Buzzing Scholars is located in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY.

Next semester I will be graduating from Touro graduate school of education with a dual masters in general Ed and special Ed. It has been a dream of mine to be a teacher and make a difference in a child’s life.

As a parent foremost, I understand the importance of education and how crucial it is to start educating children as young as babies. As a childcare provider I have had the amazing opportunity to have my own daughter grow up in my own daycare. It was amazing for me to see the many milestones that take part during a child’s development and what extra resources and activities may be provided to challenge children as they grow and development.

Juliet Kagan

My philosophy as an educator and childcare provider is to create a safe nurturing educational environment for all children to most importantly gain a love of learning as they grow and reach each age appreciate milestone. Our teaching staff are experienced and skilled in the Montessori teaching methods.

I want to thank the amazing ps family network for the amazing job that they do for all of the providers in their network. I can’t say enough positive about how welcoming the team has been to me a newcomer to the network. They provide me with the assurance that I am part of an amazing family and team that are always available to answer any questions or provide any support I may need regarding the 3k sdy program in my daycare. 


I especially enjoy the PL days where we can share our experiences with other childcare providers and learn amazing new information as well as strategies that are useful to provide the ultimate care for every child that is enrolled in our programs.

Thank you ps family for giving me the amazing honor and privilege of my daycare Buzzing Scholars being a highlight for the new year ❤️