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What’s best for children

Some parents worry about putting their child (from birth to age three) into a childcare program. By this post’s conclusion, we hope that we have relieved that worry. In this post we will discuss the different types of care for children from birth to three years old and what types…
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A Call to Humanity…

I'll be brief and honest, I'm not entirely convinced about the Pikler approach to child care either. However, I always want to know more about best practices for the full development of children. One thing doesn't take away from the other, we don't have to believe the whole story, we…
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The Power of Observation in Early Childhood Education

Join us in revisiting Ms. Emilie Gay's remarkable speech from the Provider's Learning Day, where she passionately discusses the significance of observation in early childhood education. Discover how adopting the qualities of patience, acceptance, and curiosity can transform educators' approaches, fostering a nurturing environment for children's growth and happiness.
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