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What, how and why?

What, how and why?

By Jaime Geliga Quiñones

The answer is simple: at PS Family we support families in obtaining quality child care. We help providers be commendable and meet New York City education and quality standards daily. 

But we do way more than that. Our network, as a whole, is a seedbed of educators in child care best practices. We research, discuss, share and prepare to promote the best care practices.

We believe that healthy and optimal development of infants has more to do with adults than with the children themselves. For this reason, we educate families with resources, support them in the registration process and help them join various community activities.

We work hand in hand with providers, since every second in their program is a grain of soil for a promising future for each child. We educate on how to provide safety appropriate pedagogical spaces for each age, situation, and moment of the day.

Why do we do it? Simple. Because the best development for young boys and girls is by educating them through best practices.