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New Year Hack from Ms Emmy

Happy New Year's!
Miss Emmy here with our hack for the New Year.
To start off 2024 right, we are celebrating gratitude.
Instead of comparing and despairing, let’s elevate, appreciate, and celebrate!

The New Year is a time for new resolutions. We think of things we want to achieve in the coming year. While we are setting our sights on the year to come, let’s  hack that with gratitude! Let’s appreciate the wonderful year that we spent together!

When we offer appreciation for what we have, we are blessing out future. The best way to get what you want is to honor what you have. Research shows that when we show our children that we are grateful for the things around us and that we appreciate the little things they begin to do the same. Gratitude is contagious and we want it to spread. 

Pick three things that happened this year that you are grateful for. One, two, three go.

We celebrate gratitude to give ourselves genuine happiness. Gratitude is the most researched practice for increasing happiness, bonding and positive health outcomes.  

 Let’s be grateful and show children how. Showing children authentic joy has such a positive impact. We don’t want our children to be around false happiness. It is important to express genuine emotions rather than pretending to be happy when things are difficult.  Find what you are really grateful for and experience the good feelings.

We have to remember that we are our children’s first  view of the world. What they see from the primary adults in their lives extends to their worldview. So let’s show our children that the world is full of happiness  by using intentional practices to bolster our wellbeing. 

Make a happy new year!