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PS Family Providers Nominated for UFT Child Care Award

“This year, we are celebrating cultural diversity and we want to recognize child care provider’s dedication, selflessness, and commitment as an educator to educate children from diverse cultures and ethnicities.  The extraordinary work providers do every day lays the foundation for each child to meet their developmental milestones and to spark curiosity for learning and confidence for achievements. The work child care providers do is indelibly linked to students’ future academic outcomes and lifelong success in college, career, and life.“

UFT Child Care Provider Award Nominee

"I struggled for a long time. My space was small and it was difficult to keep up with my bills. But I kept going, determined to succeed and now I am proud to own and operate two successful childcare programs.All the hardship was worth it to be lucky enough to do what I love every day.”

The provider award is the highest honor present by the UFT to deserving early childcare educators. We are so proud, but not surprised, as both of these providers deserve the recognition.

It is obvious Heily loves what he does. He has created a space that promotes trust, belonging, and collaboration. Children feel welcome and all are included in the learning environment. Heily has built an environment rich with curiosity that is filled interactions, exploration, creativity, and discussion for all ages.